Our clients regularly say we are:

Simply the best ...

Better than all the rest ...

More than any other they have ever met!

So, why exactly are they singing these words of praise?

We like to believe it is for the following reasons:

– Firstly, Norfolk K9 don’t offer you a lifetime of promises we can never keep.

– Every person and dog are always treated as indivuduals.

– The physical and mental well being of your dog are of paramount importance to us.

– All training courses offer value for money.

– Our classes and courses offer a fun, friendly approach to training.

– Provided is a warm, safe, relaxing learning environment.

– You will gain good training skills and handling techniques.

– Support and advice is at hand should you every need it outside lesson times.

– We never leave you for days or weeks on end waiting for a response. 

– Secondly, we consider ourselves to be 100% truthful, trustworthy and total dedicated with a high drive and passion towards not only dogs but the training of them as well. 

How do we achieve this?


– Through our own handling and training skills being scrutinised and kept up to date on a regular and constant basis.

This is achieved through training with some of the countries top agility coaches/handlers in order to help us succeed with the training and the vital skill developments of our own dogs in our chosen canine sport. At the same time we transfer our gained knowledge, where beneficial, to help you with your dogs.

– We do not prasie our experience on simple online theory based qualifications only.

– Also, we are constantly, attending, creditable seminars and workshops delievered by various national and international leading professionals in their specialist fields, relating to dog training and its future development.

– Our qualifications have been earnt through years of practical ‘hands on’ experience and supported academically by studying the various theortical aspects.

– Valuable success of competiting in various canine sports with our own dogs has provided us with a solid background regarding “rights” and “wrongs” in dog training for success. 

– By having a strong network of both national and international peers to consult with. Including local Veterinary Surgeries that recognise, understand and support our training ethos.

– Unlike other trainers, we limited the organisation we hold qualifications and membership with. Chosing the most reliable and professional ones in order to pass quality information onto our clients. 

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