About Us

Brief History

Tall Dark n Handsome (aka) Max 2003 - 2014.

Max was the start of Norfolk K9 and was such a character, he still appears with us everywhere we go as our logo is a silhouette of him,
with the red book representing our lives together along with all the knowledge and joyous times we gained and shared.

Kevin & Martin have been involved with puppies and dogs right from their childhood days, but have been professionally training dogs over the past 20 years. Initially training their own dogs for competition in Kennel Club Obedience, Rally Obedience, Sheepdog Trialing and recently in Agility.

This is what insitgated the launch of Norfolk K9 Training, which was founded back in 2004 by Martin. Developed and centred none the less through his desired and aspiring passion of dog training.

The idea behind it was designing a fresh approach to training centred around the needs of dog owners in West Norfolk.

Then, June 2011 saw Kevin join full time in his role as rehabilitator of large breeds of dogs. This was prior to him becoming more heavily involved in the general training side of the business.

Originally based in West Acre prior to moving to Narborough Community Centre in 2018. Mainly for much bigger venue and car parking facilities to cope with our clientele demand.

Over the years we have trained in excess of 2500 clients, most returning again with their second, third and even fourth puppy.

We concentrate on the unique reward-based training methods, whereby, enabling dogs to be trained successfully whilst enhancing the relationship with their owners.

Increasing our job satisfaction, through witnessing students, both two and four-legged achieve their goals and more besides.

Martin Wardle-Rogers

 Senior Trainer
Puppy & Adolescent Dog Training Specialist


The Team Leads

Martin & Kevin are both members of the following Professional Bodies:

• The Guild of Dog Trainers
•  Institute of Animal Care & Education
•  Institute of Pet Behaviour Consultant
• KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme A1 Examiner
  = Martin Wardle-Rogers

Kevin Wardle-Rogers

Senior Trainer
Adolescent & Adult Dog Specialist


Members of The Guild of Dog Trainers

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