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During the new Covid 19 restrictions whereby we are only allowed five handlers to one trainer making a total of 6 people, as stipulated by both Government and Defra.

Thereby should you wish to bring someone along with you to training, we are going to have to charge them half of the course fee as potentially they are preventing another dog from attending training.

Alternatively, we are happy to video you training your puppy/dog and then send it onto you via a “you tube” private download. 

To avoid disappointment, please contact us prior to placing your booking to ensure availability on your chosen course.

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Our Lesson Tariff's

This is an initial course that covers the basic foundation of training a puppy over a six week continuous period.
The fee for this course is £75.00 for the six weeks

For dogs that have completed the Puppy Foundation Course and wish to continue their training to improve and advance on their learnt skills. Also for dogs over the age of 6 months that require new training skills to assist them develop a better, stronger bonding, engagement and relationship with their owner/handler, whilst at the same time learning new life skills.

This is a 6 week course and the fee for the course is £75.00.

These are available for those that have successfully completed either of the initial courses we run, namely;
Puppy Foundation, Adolescent Dog and Adult Dog Courses.

For the four week continuation course the fee is  £48.00 


We are prepared to partake in these, although they are expensive but we do always give value for money and go the extra mile by providing you with notes in ‘pdf’ format to help you with the learning process where applicable.

These lessons are subject to availability of the venue and also include the full hire fee for the venue.

We will not perform 121 private lessons for puppies under 8 months old as we feel it is unfair on them to be expected to perform for long periods of time, but we are prepared to discuss alternative methods with you.

The fee for 121 private lessons is £40 per hour.

Like most, we are not a club which run as non profit making organisations who charge an annual membership along with small weekly fees.

We have not just been online and taken a random Certificate Course in Dog Training and therefore  after printing off our certificate assume we are qualified to train dogs.

We don’t week after week just steward you around a hall and apply you with words we feel you want to hear.

We are in fact, a small self employed, experienced and qualified dog training business, with years of valuable experience running a legitimate business registered with HM Inland Revenue and Taxes, with legitimate qualifications that we have been formally assessed and examined to hold.

Therefore you are paying us our fees for the following reasons:
* The thousands of hours we have trained and studied along with the dozens of text books we have read.
* The experts we have trained and studied under.
*The years of life experience we have had with teaching and also training dogs.
* The hundreds of mistakes we have made to help you not to have to make the same mistakes.
* The thousands of pounds we have invested in various training aspects, courses, conferences and continuing development education.
* The work we put into the marketing, booklets, space rental and everything else to help you succeed and feel safe.

“We have been extremely considerate in arriving at our prices and therefore find it rather rude when some one questions our price as possibly expensive, simply because they don’t know the price we have paid in order to offer our service to them.”

We are qualified teachers in Adult Education through City & Guilds, that know how to structure courses, how to break training exercises down into small chucks and link them together to form the bigger picture.

All this is what you are paying for – professional, quality training with trainers that have had and continue to have success with their own dogs.



Telephone or Facebook Video Consultation

With a Telephone consult lasting 30 minutes you will be allowed to ask for help and advice on a certain training issue you are having problems with. We will offer your the appropriate remedial action to get you back on track and this will be followed up with an email being sent to you which will contain the appropriate training notes relating to you training issue.
PLEASE NOTE; This is not available for behavioral issues like dog to dog aggression, resource guarding etc.

With our Facebook Consult you will be allowed to send in a short (five minute) training video displaying the problems you are having, this again will be followed up with remedial advice being given, accompanied with training notes in the PDF format to help you rectify your problems. The Facebook Page will be a private page sent up through ourselves.

The fee for these services is £20 for 30 minutes consult including follow up training notes or video (which ever is most appropriate)

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