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"Pepsi" - Teressa Mead

"Nova" - Helen Aston

"Harry" - Sarah Green

"Spencer" - Bobbi Holden

Bill Read and family

We both just came on in leaps and bounds and progressed through many courses, with the help and excellent training given we learnt so much and had fun along the way.

I have recommended Norfolk K9 to many of my friends and will happily continue to do so.

Now, Richard and I have a wonderful clever friendly and well-trained dog, all thanks to Kevin and Martin Wardle-Rogers.

I have known Martin and Kevin for their dog training skills for over eight years now, from puppy socialisation to basic obedience, to more advanced obedience.

I highly recommend the training that is offered from the two of them, they both have a natural ability to build a bond with both dog and owner, instructions are explained simply, and no question that is asked is unanswered, they encourage you to become a team and build the bond between dog and handler. And put you at ease.

I will always be grateful for the input and time they gave to me and my dogs.

I have been bringing Harry to Norfolk K9’s classes for a few months now and we both really enjoy it.

The hour-long sessions focus on making training fun for your dog so that he wants to work with you.

If you have any particular difficulties Martin and Kevin will have a suggestion that will help.

There is something different to try each week and the classes are never ever boring. Many thanks, Sarah and Harry.

We have been taking Spencer to these classes for a good year and he is a totally different dog we have got a little way to go but Martin and Kevin are great trainers and lovely genuine people.

Would highly recommend to anyone.

Martin and Kevin’s classes are fantastic and fun, putting owners and their dogs at ease. A great safe environment for dogs and owners to learn new skills.

Martin is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher always having time to deal with individual training problems within a small group.

I am now back with Norfolk K9 having my forth dog trained and I have to say, they have all benefited so much from the weekly classes.

I would definitely recommend Martin and Kevin to anyone thinking of joining a training class.

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