Stage 3 - Road Proficiency Test

Candidates are required to have passes Stage One before applying to take the Stage Three.

This test will only be conducted in normal daylight conditions where visibility is clear.

The candidate and the dog will be required to wear Fluorescent Clothing as a Health and Safety and Insurance requirement.

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the Highway Code throughout this test

This test will take place in a town centre.
The candidate will be assessed on their ability to control and handle their dog in an appropriate and acceptable manner whilst dealing with the following:

  • Using a Zebra crossing, either single or staggered
  • Using a Pelican crossing either single or staggered or crossing the road a traffic light-controlled junction that incorporates a pedestrian crossing.
  • Walking the dog along the pavement with other pedestrian activities and distractions.
  • Cross the road in a normal and safe manner in accordance with the Highway Code Rules for pedestrians.
  • Negotiate bus stops and people waiting for buses
  • Walking by shops
  • Meeting and greet people and other dogs.

We are looking for a well socialised dog that is not afraid of traffic noise or pedestrian activities and movement, and one that is under total control at all times.

At the beginning of the test the assessor will explain the route to be taken by the candidate.

The candidate will also be asked to produce evidence of having the appropriate materials in order to remove their dog’s faeces should the need require. Failure to satisfy the Assessor of these points will deem the dog not acceptable for test