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Puppy Foundation

At Norfolk K9 we love puppies, and we know that this is the most crucial time in your dog’s life, everything your dog experiences and learns at this age will stay with it for the rest of its life. Positive early experiences lay the foundations for a well-rounded, balanced and most importantly stable dog.

We don’t just teach your puppy to sit and walk on the lead (which we do as well), we involve them in an experience which will last them a lifetime.

Any queries regarding your new addition or to book your puppy on one of our experiences, please give us a call – we love to talk puppies!



Heelwork Workshop

This is a two hour workshop that purely concentrates on the foundations of heelwork/loose lead training.

The workshop is suitable for dogs of all ages.

You will also be given a ‘pdf’ set of training notes to help you recap and progress at your own leisure once you have completed the workshop.


These notes will cover most of the exercises used during the workshop plus more for helping you plan moving forward with your training.



The primary goal of this class is to develop and build on the basic of life skills.

At the same time developing the puppy’s ability to focus and work with their handler whilst in the company of other puppies.

Therefore, this is an ideal follow on class for those that have completed either their veterinary practices socialisation course or Norfolk K9’s Puppy Foundation Course.

This class is suitable for young adolescent dogs over the age of 6 months, and for those owners that have very little experience in training a dog would benefit from taking the Foundation Course prior to moving onto this course in order to learn the basics required to progress forwards.

Adult Dogs

Suitable for dogs over the age of 18 months.
A well-trained adult dog, for example, will make your house move a lot easier, or set an example for a puppy that has just joined the family!
Adult dog training allows you to strengthen your bond together, have fun, and helps your dog stay physically and mentally exercised. And once they’ve learned the basics, you might be surprised by what else you can teach them. Perhaps there is a more fun way of picking up their toys from the garden: you could teach your friend to put them in a box for you! Or why not train your dog to fetch your slippers or find the missing TV remote?

A well-trained adult dog is also a much safer dog, and they will be more fun to be around for other people. If your dog gets overexcited in public or when a visitor calls it can cause a bit of a scene, but with development training your dog will be the best-behaved person in the room! Almost every dog can be taught basic obedience and much, much more, regardless of type of breed, experience or age.

Sample Lesson Plans

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