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Puppy Right Start

You also get invited to join our “private” Face book group”, where you can post video’s in order to ascertain advice from either Martin or Kevin on your training progress.

This Course is mainly a theory Based Course.

At Norfolk K9 Training we don’t believe in training puppies in a classroom environment until they are at least 16 weeks of age. It is too much for them both physically and mentally to deal with.

Hence why we have designed this short online course that explains to you how to welcome your new member into the family as well as giving you some useful tips on how to build a bond and true relationship with your puppy, along with how to communicate with your puppy.

With a module on teething and crate training and then how to train your puppy to accept the collar and lead ……… along with other primary foundation exercises to prepare you for later training.

Puppy Foundation

At Norfolk K9 we love puppies, and we know that this is the most crucial time in your dog’s life, everything your dog experiences and learns at this age will stay with it for the rest of its life. Positive early experiences lay the foundations for a well-rounded, balanced and most importantly stable dog.

We don’t just teach your puppy to sit and walk on the lead (which we do as well), we involve them in an experience which will last them a lifetime.

Any queries regarding your new addition or to book your puppy on one of our experiences, please give us a call – we love to talk puppies!



The puppy here is 9 weeks old , these Xray plates shows a true view of how your growing puppies’ bones are not capable of taking to much pressure as nothing is fitting together how it should be – joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments are not forming in order to support the all important skeletal structure. To much pressure now could cause serious health problems later. 



Source: https://veteriankey.com/radiographic-considerations-of-the-young-patient


The primary goal of this class is to develop and build on the basic of life skills.

At the same time developing the puppy’s ability to focus and work with their handler whilst in the company of other puppies.

Therefore, this is an ideal follow on class for those that have completed either their veterinary practices socialisation course or Norfolk K9’s Puppy Foundation Course.

This class is suitable for young adolescent dogs over the age of 6 months, and for those owners that have very little experience in training a dog would benefit from taking the Foundation Course prior to moving onto this course in order to learn the basics required to progress forwards.

Sample Lesson Plans

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